ccording to OPI (Office Products International), smaller offices with up to four employees spend over $1,800 per employee on office supplies.  A medium sized business with about 40 employees spends about $1,069 per employee on office supplies.

Here are a few tips to get your budget under control while still providing the supplies to ensure your office functions the way you demand.

  • Buy in bulk wherever possible
  • Try to negotiate discounted rates with your supplies
  • Don’t buy supplies that might be interesting but use will seldom use … Example: Your printer will always need toner/ink. Versus: That sporty office chair may look real nice,   but do you and your team really need it now?
  • Just like shopping for food, in most cases Brand Names items are only a name on the package. It’s the same with Office Supplies, generic office supplies (without that brand name) will save you money and you won’t even see or feel the difference.
  • Shop online and don’t pay the larger superstores for their overhead. Building space and employee’s salary costs are not present in on-line stores so you should begin to see savings immediately.  TIP: visit and see their large selection of quality products.  Another TIP:  When shopping on-line make sure that you are not paying delivery and “special handling” charges!  In addition, the return policy needs to be lenient.product-image-340808086_e4bd4e7e-f80c-4fd1-b925-3f09d6a6280c_540x
  • Ok, now for the sensitive topic: Employee Theft:  For some reason (I am not a psychologist), employees that that would never consider it was right to take a product (for resale) off the shelf and bring it home (stealing), may think that it’s okay to go into the office supply room and bring home items such as copy paper, a few pens and maybe even some printer ink.  “After all, I work here and we have so many office products that we use, it’s like common supplies for all, sort of a perk of my job”. “Who’s going to miss them anyways”.
  • Print on two sides of the paper: If not creating an executive presentation but an interoffice message use the backside!
  • product-image-308103142_54d9aee1-e236-46fc-bdc0-98ce20528b68_360xUse Black or Gray Ink whenever possible…color ink is expensive!
  • Choosing the correct FONT:  Need to print some helpful but not real crazy  important papers like a to-do-list, chores or grocery list, conserve ink by changing to gray rather than black.  Or simply choose a thinner font.  Thinner fonts like Times and Century Gothic will use up to 30% less ink than Arial.
  • Number of copies needed? Don’t over print.  I would compare this with people that always “reply to all”, may not be necessary!!!
  • Track your spending vs. inventory:  Initiating the steps above will result in COST SAVINGS

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Let’s face it … office supplies are not always exciting (agree?) , but we try to make it an easy and fun experience for our customer.

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